Research  Activities  Include  the  Following:

 1-    Pharmacokinetics - Pharmacodynamic  Modelling. 

  2-    Clinical Pharmacy Applications.

 3-    Bioavailability of different  Drug formulations.

 4- Master & PH.D. Students research requirements.


Services Provided By Drug Research Centre


 1- Bioequivalence & Bioavailability Studies.

2- Bio-Waiver Studies (Comparative Dissolution Profile).

3- Expert Report according to CTD Format (Modules No. 4 and 5).

3- Clinical Trials for Approved Pharmaceutical Products.

4- Formulation Procedure of different dosage forms (small scale and research Studies).

5- Method Development & Method Validation (in vitro & in biological fluids).

6- Friability Test & Disintegration Test for solid dosage forms.

7- Consultation & Scientific documented information for solving problems of Pharmaceutical Products.

8- Method of analysis for Essential oils, Elements (Na,K,Ca,Cd…etc) & Vitamins.

9-Determination of drugs residual in food.

10-Establishment of Pharmacovigilence System and undergoing required Pharmacovigilance Studies.

Hoping our Services fulfill our clients and other  Pharmaceutical Companies needs in the pharmaceutical  Research field.